As the club is relatively small, membership is regrettably for over 16's only

We welcome players of any standard


We encourage everyone interested in playing tennis to come along for a 'trial' session. This is a trial for you, rather than us. This will give you a taste of what our club is about. We pride ourselves on our friendliness, our grass courts, and our beautiful summer sunsets. Your first visit with us will even be free. Feel free to get in contact or just come along.


2020 season membership fees to be decided at the AGM in early 2020. For reference, last year's membership fees are shown below.


2019 Adult Membership

2019 (Apr - Sept)

2019 Student Membership*
2019 (Apr - Sept)
2019 Visitor (first visit is free)**

2019 (Apr - Sept)

2019 Club Tournament Fees***
£2.00 per draw

2019 (Jul)

Non-playing member****
2019 (Apr - Sept)


Fees are payable before you intend to start playing


Membership forms are available at the club, alternatively please email your interest with us at


*For student membership - Proof of full time education must be provided when joining


**Visitors fees - A maximum of 6 visits is permitted in 1 year before full membership must be paid (visitors fees paid will be deducted from full fee)


***Tournament fees - Payable for each tournament draw entered (mens singles, ladies singles, mens double and ladies doubles). Entry into the mixed doubles is free, but must be marked on your membership form that you wish to enter. See our tournament section for more details


****Non-playing members will act and be treated as full members however will not be permitted to play. Non-playing members will be kept up to date with club news, attend social events, and can participate in club meetings (AGM).